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Teen Blogger Earns $900 a Month!!!

According to a recent Cnet article, a teenage blogger showcased at the  2007 Conference that Her blog earns $20 to $30 a day through AdSense on her Ultimate Neopets Cheats site. That’s $700 to $900 a month with “very little work,” a feat most of us older bloggers would love to attain.

How did Chloe Spencer do it? From the video, her strategy doesn’t sound out of the ordinary. She started out on a blog and moved to her own domain to run AdSense. She was knowledgeable and passionate about her topic, knew a thing or two about SEO, integrated ads to blend with her content, and participated in her niche’s online community. By all accounts, she just followed common blogging wisdom and it paid off.

Success stories like this are inspiring. It’s just another confirmation that, with a well-structured blog, a topic that you’re passionate about, and a little SEO know-how, you can earn a significant income through blogging no matter who you are. Props to Chloe for reaffirming our faith in blogging as a rewarding way of life.

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WordPress 2.9 is fantastic

If you visit you will notice that the classic blue download button now says “Download WordPress 2.9″. This is a major upgrade, and brings some really cool new features, including:

  • Trash bin (no more problems with accidentally deleting posts or pages)
  • Built-in image editor
  • Batch plugin update
  • Easier video integration
  • rel=”canonical” tag support
  • database optimization

The interesting thing is that when I logged into my WordPress dashboard a couple of minutes ago I didn’t see the message “Your WordPress version is out of date. Please upgrade!”. My guess is that since 2.9 is not a security release, WordPress are not displaying that message to users of older versions.

It is possible that within a couple of weeks version 2.9.1 will be released fixing some small bugs.

What about you, are you running 2.9 already? Do you like it?

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30 Traffic Generation Tips

I stumbled on this not long ago and felt it would be a great idea to share with you guys…Are you are a blogger, or would like to be, curious about what “blogging” is all about or into emarketing, are you interested in generating traffic to a website, blog or any social media like facebook or youtube, then I suggest you Read this.

1. Keep track of blogs and leave comments on them. A good way to keep the conversation going is to install a MyBlogLog widget and visit the blog of people visiting your site.

2. Nothing creates long-term traffic more than value. Consider writing posts with resources or explaining how things work. Useful things get linked to and they get onto, which is far better long-term than a digg front page.

3. Inform search engines and aggregators like Technorati (using the ping functionality) when your blog is updated, this should ensure maximum traffic coming from those sources. (check the List of Ping Services)

4. Simplify. Pay attention to complex issues in your field of work. It may be a big long publication that is hard to wade through or a concept that is hard to grasp. Reference it and make a shorter “for dummies” version with your own lessons learned and relevant tips. When doing this, I have been surprised to find that the simplified post will appear before the more complex version in search results. Perhaps this is why it results in increased traffic; people looking for more help or clarification on the subject will land on your blog.

5. Try to be polemic. I write obsessively about all-things political from the left-wing perspective in the form of humorous, sarcastic one-liners.

6. A simple tip that will probably boost your page views: install a translator plugin. I decided to use a paid plugin for this, but if I am not wrong there are some free ones as well. The translation is not very good, as you can imagine, but it helps to attract readers that are not fluent in English.

7. Submit articles to blog carnivals ( that are related to your niche. Your article almost always gets posted, and it must generate a handful of visitors, at least.

8. Newsgroups. I always see a spike when I post a review to a newsgroup.

9. Create a new design for your website. Not only will it be more attractive to your regular readers, but you can submit it to some CSS gallery showcase sites that feature great designs. This will give you exposure on those sites while generating a lot of traffic and backlinks from those types of sites.

10. Participate in conversations on related blogs. Start conversations on your own blog. Don’t just post about a story and leave it at that, engage your audience, ask questions and call to action.

11. Comment on blogs, write useful content and make good friends on forums.

12. You must be active to generate traffic. I post comments on other blogs that are related to mine, and I post my site link in my signature at the forums. Spread the word about your blog and it will certainly attract readers.

13. Just browse around and you will surely get visitors to your blog. Also try to join as many communities as possible that are related to your topic.

14. A great tip for generating traffic is off-line by including your url in all your off-line liturature from business cards, letterheads, pamphlets, adverts through in-store signage if applicable. I even have our website on my vehicle.

15. Read lots of other blogs. Leave trackbacks. Make sure your blog is optimized for search engines. Leverage social bookmarking sites like digg (both for new ideas and for traffic).

16. Leave comments on other blogs. If you’re already reading them, it takes
just a couple of seconds to leave a message agreeing or disagreeing
with the author, you get to leave a link to your site, and you will almost
ALWAYS get traffic from your comments.

17. Post 3-5 times a day. Use ping services like pingomatic or set up wordpress to ping some of the ping services. Engage your readers. Put up polls, ask them questions, give them quizes, free tools, etc. Make them want to come back and tell their friends about you.

18. Community. It’s one word but it is the most important one when it comes to blogging. The only “blog metric” that makes sense is the vibrant community of readers it has. Building a community around your blog will bring you increased traffic, but how do you start? The boilerplate response to building traffic is always “SEO, social networking sites, and commenting on blogs” but it can be simplified to “be part of a community”. The easiest way to seed your blog is with an already existing community. But the only way to do that is to be part of the community yourself.

19. Squidoo Lenses are a good way to generate traffic. By using a lense,
you can generate your own custom “community” of webpages, including some
of the more popular pages in your “neighborhood.” Including your own
webpage in such a list is a good way of generating traffic.

20. I’ve had good success writing articles and submitting them to EzineArticles. Articles that have been written from well-researched keyword phrases and accepted by EzineArticles tend to rank very high in Google for that search term. Placing anchor text in the footer of those articles so the reader can visit my relevant website has always increased my site traffic.

21. I came upon some unexpected traffic when my blog popped up on some css design portals like and If you can put some time into the concept behind and design for your blog, I’d recommend submitting your site to a design portal not only for
additional traffic but to build an additional community around your site.

22. I’ve recently gotten involved with several “MySpace-like” community sites that focus on my target audience. I share my thoughts in their forums, post intros to my real blog on their system blog and I’ve even created a group for my specific niche. It’s been very, very successful for me.

23. Well, obviously everyone knows that social bookmarking sites like Digg,, etc. bring lots of traffic. But I’m now submitting some of my articles to (a digg like site for bloggers), and I always get not a bad traffic from there.

24. Participate in Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers where you can demonstrate your expertise, get associated with relevant keywords and put your URL out there.

25. Be the first to write a post about the ‘Top Ten Blogs’ in your niche. The post will rank highly in any general search for blogs in your niche and other bloggers in your niche write about the post and link to it.

26. Participating in forums is a great way to get loyal readers. Either link baiting people in your signature or posting great advice and tips will give you high quality traffic, which will result in return visitors.

27. A simple trick I’ve used to increase traffic to my blog is participate in group writing projects. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now.

28. Don’t forget your archives. I just posted a roundup of all interviews I did over the past seven months. One of them generated a new link and a big traffic spike from a group of users that look like they will be loyal readers now.

29. Write something controversial. I don’t think it’s good to write something controversial just for the purpose of getting traffic necessarily (especially if it’s only for that purpose and you’re being disingenuous), but it works.

30. Find the best blogs on your niche and contact the authors. Introduce yourself and send a link of your blog. This might help them to discover your blog, read it and possibly link to it.

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12 Ways To Create An Order-Pulling Niche

Hi reader,
please do leave us a comment after reading this. It encourages us more than you can imagine. Thanks

A niche is something that sets your business apart
from your competitors. To compete with other
businesses nowadays, especially online, you need
a unique niche. Just make sure your competitors are
not using the same niche. Below are twelve ideas
you could use to create an order pulling niche.

1. Your niche could be that you offer free delivery.
This may cost a little money, but, you will gain the
extra customers to make up for it.

2. Your niche could be that you offer a lower price.
If you can’t afford to offer a lower price you could
always hold the occasional discount sale.

3. Your niche could be that your product achieves
results faster. This niche is very effective because
people are becoming more and more impatient and
want results fast.

4. Your niche could be you’ve been in business for
a longer period of time. People think if you’ve been
in business longer you have more credibility.

5. Your niche could be that your product tastes,
smells sounds, looks, or feels better. When you
target the the senses you’re triggering basic human

6. Your niche could be your product is light or
compact. People may want to take the product
on a trip or don’t have much room where they live.

7. Your niche could be that you’ve won a business
reward. When you win a reward tell your customers
or visitors about it. This increases their trust in your

8. Your niche could be that your product lasts
longer. People don’t like taking the time and spending
more money buying replacement products all the

9. Your niche could be that your product is easy to
use. People don’t want to buy a product that they
have to read a 200 page hard-to-understand
instruction manual.

10. Your niche could be that your product has better
safety features. People want to feel safe when they
use your products.

11. Your niche could be that your product was made
by hand. Most people believe that products made
by hand have better quality.

12. Your niche could be that you stand behind all
your products. People want to know that you back-
up any claims you make about your product with
either guarantees, warrantees and free replacements.

Hope you enjoyed it, please leave us a comment below. Thanks

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3 Reasons an Online Presence Can Boost Your Business

It’s a no-brainer that the Internet can help you increase your sales and profitability, which in turn can increase the value of your business. According to Forrester Research, e-commerce sales hit more than $75 billion last year.
You should also know that of the more than 300 million people worldwide online today, more than 85 million are in the United States. There are more than 1 billion Web pages in existence. These facts mean you could tap into an amazing opportunity.
Following are some ways the Internet can help you increase your business’ potential:

Increase Sales
A web site can be a very effective means of reaching new and existing customers and expanding your geographic presence. Breaking down geographic barriers is a good thing for any business owner.

A web site provides company exposure that customers can access at any time. Hence, a professional web site is an important first step in tapping the power of the Web. You may wish to hire a consultant to help you with the marketing of your web site. Simple tactics such as utilizing search engine optimization tools — making sure your web site appears toward the top of a list when someone conducts a search — can significantly increase the hit rate on your site. Many larger firms initially gauge the credibility of smaller firms as a business partner by the professionalism of the smaller firm’s web site. Additionally, a web site offers the ability to capture the information of existing and potential customers, which bolsters the efforts of your sales team.

Increase Customer Retention
The Internet provides small businesses with another outlet for customer contact and support. Some businesses give customers access to the status of a job via the Internet. This type of partnership approach with customers builds brand trust and loyalty. Email allows for an expeditious exchange of files or specs, and communication such as job updates, new product additions and other news can be inexpensively distributed to your clients through e-mail campaigns containing links to your site.

Increase Productivity
The Internet also allows you to increase productivity and streamline automation in your business. Consider the ease of being able to order equipment replacement parts online. Larger U.S. manufacturing companies with international organizations now use the Internet to track their supply chain, work flow and available capacity at overseas plants. In some cases, crowded U.S. manufacturers can e-mail the exact job specifications to another plant across the world to keep a job on schedule. In addition, basic site features, such as the capability to accept online orders, can increase sales by allowing for order acceptance at any hour — in a more convenient form than a facsimile. Lastly, a web site can reduce expenses associated with the production of brochures and other collateral materials.

Overall, a web site is essentially another form of advertising for your business, and should be utilized in conjunction with traditional methods to maximize its presence and profitability.

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