16 online business press release ideas

The TIPS below will help you the next time you are writing a business press release.
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  • – new products or services you’re offering on your web site.
  • – the results of an online survey or poll you’ve completed
  • – a virtual trade show or seminar you’re hosting.
  • – a free chat room class you’re teaching
  • – your opening of a new web site
  • – an online award your business or web site has won
  • – a free e-mail newsletter you’re publishing
  • – new online products or services you’re giving away
  • – an online business association or club you’re starting
  • – a famous person that’s endorsing your business
  • – a major joint venture you’re doing with another business
  • – a new book or e-book you wrote
  • – an expert or celebrity who’s speaking in your chat room
  • – a fundraising event you’re doing at your web site
  • – a new contest or sweepstakes you’re having at your site
  • – major sponsorships you’re doing online

You can get other press release writing tips and ideas by
reading other businesses press releases, reading how to
publications, talking to experts and visiting other media
web sites. I hope this article persuades and helps you to
promote your business through press releases.

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