Re-brand yourself:Your appearance tells a story…

Whoever you are, be it a small business person, a job seeker, student or even a director, your appearance tells a story of who you are. And since your appearance is an on-going narrative of your person it is very critical that you pay close attention to it. A few things you want to do to stay in control of this story would include:

1. Dress well, Dress smart. Wear comfortable clothes. Make sure that what you have on isn’t tight. This could make you uncomfortable and having it all glued to you is plain ridiculous. It sometimes sends a wrong signal especially in the case of ladies. I know you get my drift.

2. Be consistent. No excuses please! Remember your dressing tells a story. It’s YOU communicating albeit NON-VERBALLY. You don’t want to say something today and another on Wednesday [Smart on Monday…and, “oh I forgot to iron my shirt on Wednesday”]. Show some consistency.

3. Maintain a trimmed hair, shave regularly [for guys], and ladies get your hair in some fitting style, shave your leg and those exposed armpits. And please everyone never forget your nails. They look like an untended garden when ignored.

4. Cologne, perfume and an after-shave would be helpful – they should be able to call attention to you in a mild and reasonable way.

5. Have a unique style. Be in a class of your own. Let people know you for a certain style. Choose unique accessories. You might want to get fancy pens and pencils. They are easily noticed and remembered by others. You don’t want to be carrying some mass produced give away company pens that leave no distinctness. But again be careful what they know you for. You don’t want to short-sell yourself.

6. Exhume confidence. If you get the first point about dressing right, this step would be easier. Have you noticed that when you wear something that you aren’t sure of, your confidence seems to erode? On the other hand you need to understand that “your physiology affects your psychology” for example you can’t be sad and have your shoulders high. Looking down is synonymous doesn’t help your self confidence. You are a different person when your shoulder is high and your head is raised.

7. Wear a smile-This is a no brainer. Remember that saying about you being incompletely dressed without a smile?

Make sure that whatever you do…your appearance does not undermine your overall narrative.

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