18 Websites who PAY you to Write Helpful Tutorials

Everyone knows on the Internet, writing is almost always a great way to make money fast. A few days ago, I bumped into a couple of websites that offered writers to freely become authors and write for them for a generous pay for each tutorial; so I thought, why not make a list of these websites and share it with my readers. In conclusion, I’ve accumulated over 22 sources where you can freely participate in whenever you got a few knowledgeable insightful tutorials you want to contribute to the following sites to make some really lucrative cash. Having been blogging for almost a year now, I can indeed say that the payment is indeed fulfilling so be sure your tutorial is top-notch – from most of the sites, your article will gain massive exposure because the websites are already considered authority figures in their field.

Get Paid for Writing Tutorials

1. Tutplus Network – The Tutplus network is a great way to make money writing tutorials. They pay a very generous $150-$250 for each approved tutorial. Of course, your tutorial must be well put together, insightful, as well as unique. With a large of a community that Tutplus has, you can count on your tutorial gaining massive exposure if approved to be published. Make sure your tutorial is top-notch or else you will just be wasting your time.
2. Tutorial9 – Tutorial9 is an awesome resource where you can find many Photoshop tutorials, free vectors, brushes, and much more. The community is also amazing. If your tutorial is top-notch expect to be paid $150, if not higher.

3. GoMediaZine – GoMediaZine is probably the most generous website out there that offers contributors $300, potentially $400, for each qualifying tutorial. As always, be sure to contribute top-notch tutorials. GoMediaZine mainly writes about Adobe Photoshop and Web development, so if you have some knowledge on these topics, this opportunity to make money is a must.

4. Smashing Magazine – Considering that Smashing Magazine is probably the most popular web designing blog on the web, although they do not say how much they will pay for each tutorial, I would believe if an contributed tutorial is published, the reward would be indeed fulfilling. Smashing Magazine has one of the biggest communities on the web. If you are top-notch at writing simple helpful tutorials on web designing in general, this is a great opportunity to show off what you got.

5. Photoshop Tutorials – You can already guess by the name of the website what the theme is. For each qualifying tutorial, you can make up to $300. Maybe buckling down and learning a few things about Adobe Photoshop is really worth learning since so many of these sites are willing to pay loads for each tutorial.

6. Naldz Graphics – Although Naldz Graphics doesn’t set a figure for how much they will pay for each contribution, they do however say they will credit your efforts to it’s fullest. Naldz Graphics mainly blogs about web designing, freebies, digital art, and more. Contributing to their large archive of tutorials may be well worth your time to make a quick load of cash.

7. HV-Designs – HV-Designs mainly talks about Photoshop and web development. Any top-notch contribution regarding these two fields is a must to make money quick. They pay up to $100 per approved submission so be sure to double check your articles for any errors as they do not permit just any regular tutorial, only quality tutorials.

8. Tutorial Board – Tutorial Board offers $150 for every accepted tutorial. They are currently looking for people who have some expertise in the field of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any other industry standard CG software. Ever planning on contributing to the Tutorial Board, be sure that your tutorials are grammatically checked and are top-notch.

9. Vector Diary – Vector Diary is a great resource website where you can find great vectors and freebies – great for any web designer to add to their collection. If you got a helpful tutorial, writing for Vector Diary can easily get you $150 for each approved tutorial. There is no stopping you from writing as many tutorials as you want and submitting them as long as they are top-notch and helpful.

10. FlashMintFlashMint is the website for web designers who particularly design with the Flash component of a website. If you are a skilled web designer who understands Flash, this is a great opportunity for you to earn $150 for each approved tutoial you make on Flash.

11. Tuts Arena – Although Tuts Arena won’t straight up tell you how much they pay, they say that they pay accordingly to the quality of the tutorial. Currently, they are looking for authors who have some experience on PHP, web designing, or with Adobe Photoshop. Browsing around their archives will give you some idea of what they expect from you as a contributor.

12. SitePoint – SitePoint has majorly been known for it’s growing forum community, probably one of the world’s largest active community. And they are willing to pay writers generously for their efforts for writing for SitePoint. Expect to be paid at least $100 for your efforts and potentially, if your article gets enough views, it can earn up to $250.

13. TheTechLabs – The Tech Labs is a great blog site that offers authors to make $100 for each approved tutorial. They are looking for authors from many backgrounds: Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Lite, web designing, and many more.

14. WP Web Host – Know PHP and love WordPress? Write a tutorial on one of your favorite blogging platforms and get paid up to $150 for each qualifying submission. Knowing that WP WebHost is a tutorial website strictly only for WordPress, there are many topics you can cover and make an instant $150; such as, PHP coding, WordPress hacks, web designing, bugs & fixes, web templates, and much more. The ideas to make $150 are endless with WordPress.

15. Psdeluxe – Psdeluxe strictly only accepts Adobe Photoshop tutorials. If you got some background with Adobe Photoshop, this is your chance to make a few extra cash while helping others. Expect to get paid at minimum $50 for every approved tutorial that you submit to their website.

16. 1stWebDesigner – 1stWebDesigner is a great website strictly focused on web designing. Essentially, it is the place where most web designers go to find great tutorials and tools to design better websites. Currently, they pay around $30-$40 for each tutorial depending on the quality of the draft.

17. Joomla Jump Start – Are you a Joomla lover? Contribute to Joomla Jump Start and make $5-$20 for each approved tutorial you make on Joomla. This may be the time for you to make use of your knowledge and make money while helping others on how to use Joomla to it’s fullest potential. Joomla is a widely used community software that many webmasters consider.

18. 10steps – 10steps covers a wide audience. They blog about freelancing, freebies, tutorials, photography, and much more. Almost anything goes as long as it is helpful and an insightful tutorial, you can be earning up to $50 for each approved tutorial.

Nowadays, learning how to use Adobe Photoshop is a skill worth learning to make money. I think what we all can learn from this post is that Photoshop is indeed a field worth covering as it has many opportunities to make some dangerous amounts of money fast. Now, whenever you are really in need of money, just slap a book onto your table on how to use Adobe Photoshop and if you are good at it and good at writing simple clear tutorials, you can use those skills to make money fast online.

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