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10 Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business

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1. Submit them to e-zines and web sites for publishing.
Include your resource box at the end of the article to get
free advertising.

2. Combine your articles into a free e-book. You can place
your business ad in the e-book. Give it away to visitors and
allow them to do the same to multiply your advertising.

3. Create an article directory on your web site. People will
visit your web site to get the free information.

4. Submit your articles to print publications that pay for
submissions. You can make extra income getting paid as
a freelance writer.

5. Combine a few of your articles together into a free report.
Give away the free report as a bonus for buying your main
product or service.

6. Publish a book with all your articles. Make extra money
selling the book from your web site.

7. Give people an instant article directory. Tell visitors they
can instantly add a free article directory to their web site
by linking to yours. All those links can add up to a large
amount of traffic to your web site.

8. Post your articles in related online communities. This can
give you free advertising in newsgroups, forums and e-mail
discussion lists.

9. Allow people to include your articles in their free e-books.
Your article could end up being in 20 to 30 e-books in no
time. You won’t even have to promote the e-books.

10. Let people access your articles by autorepsonder.
Include your full page e-mail ad with the article.

“You can never score if you don’t shoot” – Anonymous

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12 High Readership Content Ideas

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1. How To Articles: they include detailed step by step
instructions. Examples: how to publish your e-zine,
how to promote your business, how to attract visitors
to your web site.

2. Tips: they are usually small pieces of information
about the size of a paragraph. Examples: tips on using
a product, tips on doing your taxes.

3. Top Lists: they are a group of tips listed in order,
usually numbered from first to last. Examples: top 7
ways to get to the top of search engines, top 10
ways to market your product.

4. News Articles: they can include news about your
industry or company information. Examples: joint
ventures, new product releases, special events,
overseas activity

5. Interview Articles: they could include interviews
from customers, employees and experts. Examples:
interview an employee that won an award, an expert
related to your industry, a satisfied customer, people

6. Publications: they include information that’s bundled
together to take with the person. Examples: ebooks,
reports, software, auto responder information.

7. Business History Articles: they include information
about your business. Examples: years in business,
goals your business has accomplished, community
affairs, financial information.

8. Product Articles: they include information about
your product or services. Examples: new products,
improvements to existing products, new accessories.

9. Visual Content: they include visual helpers that help
explains, shows or supports an example. Examples:
charts, photos, graphics, graphs.

10. Entertaining Content: they include humorous and
off beat information. Examples: contests; quizzes,
trivia, puzzles, games, cartoons.

11. Excerpts: they include information used from other
resources for different purposes, but can also support
your business. Examples: journal articles, transcripts
of seminars, reprints, speeches, press releases.

12. Technology Content: they are new technologies
you can use to present your content. Examples: audio
clips, streaming video, MP3 files.

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What is Perpetual Marketing?

Perpetual marketing can be described as a large number of
people promoting one web site so they can all receive
the traffic generated by each other.

For example, you decide to create a free ebook that
you will give away to your web site visitors. You ask
a large number of e-zine owners to give away the
ebook in exchange for their ad in the ebook. You can
just ask them to link directly to your web site when
they promote the ebook. You, of course, will have
one of your own ads on that web page.

Let’s say you get 8 out of 20 e-zine owners that agree
to giveaway the ebook. The 8 e-zines total subscriber
base is 75,000.

Now, you can ask more e-zine owners if they would
like to promote the ebook in exchange for an ad inside
the ebook. This time you can say, you already have 8
e-zines already promoting the ebook with a subscriber
base of 75,000.

The next group of e-zine owners you ask will be more
tempted to promote your ebook because there is a
greater chance they will receive a lot of traffic from
the deal. It’s a win/win situation!

Do you understand the power of perpetual marketing?
You could have 20 or 30 e-zines promoting your web
site at no-cost, very quickly! You could create a new,
f.ree ebook every month and repeat the process.

This isn’t the only way to use perpetual marketing.
You don’t just have to contact e-zine publishers you
could do the same with web site owners. You could
use a total monthly visitor total as motivation.

It doesn’t have to be just an ebook either. It could be
a contest you’re holding on your web site. You could
place the other web site’s ads on the contest page in
exchange for them promoting the contest.

These are only a few ways to use perpetual marketing.
You could use your own imagination to create new
ways to use perpetual marketing that will increase your
traffic and sales.

Happy Blogging

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What is Online Business Networking

Networking is when two or more different businesses stay
in contact on a regular basis to build and improve each
others business. There are many ways to network your
business online. Participate in online business related
discussion boards, e-mail discussion groups, newsgroups
and chat rooms. You can communicate with other business
people via e-mail, video conferencing and by using instant
messaging programs. Join online business associations and

You’ll gain many benefits from networking online. You’ll
learn business information that you didn’t know before.
You can get advice on how to solve a current business
problem. It can lead to new business projects. Negotiate
joint ventures and cross promotion deals. Learn important
skills that you didn’t have before. Get constructive criticism
that can improve your business. Brainstorm with others
to come up with new business and marketing ideas.

Before you go out and communicate with other business
professionals there are a few things you should know ahead
of time. Know what kind of business information you are
seeking. Figure out which professionals could give you this
information. Know what questions you want to ask them.

Contact us if you have any business ideas that can be equally beneficial to our business and yours. or click the contact image on the right >>>>>>>>>>

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What is Pay-as-you-go Reseller Hosting model?


Before you Proceed, Our reseller program is free to try (Free trial) till the 31st of March, which means you do not even need your card details at all to open an account. Once you sign up, you will be given 2 websites instantly, the first is a main website like this (, while the other is a reseller website like this (

Pay-as-you-go Reseller Hosting model

The biggest advantage of reselling hosting through us is that you do not have to make any bulk purchases in advance – you simply pay as you go. The below document describes how our Reseller program allows you to make higher profit margins, and sell more hosting packages.
Brief Description

  • Pay-as-you-go Hosting: We allow you to resell web hosting services without having to pre-purchase any hosting package. As and when your Customers buy a hosting package through your website, our system creates that package and bills you for it. You only pay us after you get paid, and that too only for the exact package your customer has purchased.
  • Bulk Packages: Other competitors offer what are known as bulk hosting packages. In a bulk hosting package you typically have to buy a large hosting package in advance and break it up into smaller hosting packages and resell the same to your customers.
  • Offer Hosting across platforms and locations: In our pay-as-you-go hosting model, you can offer hosting across platforms and locations. You can sell Linux, Windows, Email-only and other forms of Hosting. You can sell hosting in various datacenter locations. You can offer hosting across various categories – standard and premium. All this without any pre-purchase. As opposed to this, in a bulk hosting model, if you wanted to offer hosting in Linux & Windows across multiple datacenters and categories, you would have to purchase multiple bulk packages.


  • Discounted pricing – Your pricing automatically reduces as and when you purchase any of our products and services. With our hosting plans your costs reduce faster since they are tied in to ALL products you buy from us. The way our discounts and plans are structured, you actually end up paying lesser than you would for bulk packages.
  • Never buy something you don’t need – In Bulk packages you are buying something you do not need today, and paying for it in advance. This results in blocking a certain amount of cash from your side that you can better utilize elsewhere in your marketing efforts. With our Pay-as-you-go plans you buy exactly as much as you need and are only billed for that and nothing more.
  • Never have to maintain Unutilized Inventory – Incase of Bulk Packages you have to maintain unutilized inventory which further increases your cost of hosting. For eg lets say you buy a bulk hosting package which can host 25 websites. Lets say that you sell 3 websites every month. You will be able to fully utilize this bulk package only by the 8th month. Until then, every month you would be paying for excess inventory which you do not need. Across 8 months your cost for that package more than doubles because your utilization starts at 10% and reaches 100% only after 8 months. Additionally, if at anytime, a large customer of yours decides not to renew his packages and moves them to another provider, you may again get stuck with unutilized excess inventory which you have to continue paying for. In our Pay-as-you-go model, you never have to purchase and maintain excess inventory.
  • Never have to block your Cash – In Bulk Hosting you block your cash in advance. In our Pay-as-you-go model, you pay us only after your Customer has already paid you. You don’t have to invest any money from your side in advance.
  • 30 day Money back guarantee per package – In our Pay-as-you-go plans, we provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee for EVERY single hosting account that your customer purchases. On the other hand, in Bulk Hosting, once you have purchased a package you are stuck with it, whether your customers choose to continue or not. Lets say you buy a 100 sites bulk package. If 10 of your Customers leave you, you are still stuck with the cost of the inventory and have no option of obtaining a credit back. Additionally, if a customer wants to try your hosting service for sometime, you have to bear an upfront recurring cost for the same. In our Pay-as-you-go model, you get a full refund incase your Customer decides to delete a package. This allows you to offer trial packages to your Customers and increase your sales.
  • No worries about Inventory forecasting and planning – In our Pay-as-you-go Hosting reseller program, you never have to worry about inventory forecasting and planning. In Bulk Hosting, you have to forecast your sales in advance in order to ensure that you never run out of inventory.
  • Address short-term spikes – Lets say a Customer of yours wants to buy 30 hosting packages for 3 months. With a Bulk Hosting package you do not have the option of increasing your package size for a short period and then downgrading it again. You may have to turn down such Customers. With our hosting reseller program, each package is treated individually. Your Customers decide the duration of the plan and you are charged only for that duration.
  • No limits on the size or number of accounts – In Bulk hosting – if you have 1000 MB divided amongst 10 Customers and one of them suddenly requires to upgrade their diskspace, you may not be in a position to deliver. Or if a customer of yours wants to add 5 more websites you may not have enough space to provide the same. You will have to purchase a new Bulk Package to service those needs. This maybe a time consuming, manual process which could result in loss of sales. Additionally, each time you exhaust your 1000 MB bulk package you have to buy another 1000 MB bulk package, even if you have only one new order. This results in you having to buy excess inventory that you cannot fully consume. With our Pay-as-you-go model, each package is treated as a separate order and your Customers are free to upgrade or downgrade anytime. Your Customers are also free to add packages at any time. You do not have to buy more than you need.
  • Obtain advantages of price reductions instantly – In the hosting industry prices are continuously dropping. Think of what you were paying for hosting a year ago and think of what you pay right now. In a Bulk Hosting package you are locked in to a contract for a certain duration. Any changes in pricing that take place in the industry will not reduce your prices. This will in turn affect your ability to be able to offer lower prices to your Customers. In our Pay-as-you-go model you are not locked into the pricing. Any price reductions are immediately applied from the very next package your customers buy. This allows you to remain competitive.
  • Fully Automated Provisioning – In a Bulk package, you have to manually create each account. In our Pay-as-you-go model, each package is automatically provisioned by our system, the moment your Customer makes a purchase. This reduces your manpower costs and at the same time results in better service for your Customers, who do not have to wait for their hosting account to get activated.
  • Single point management control – In our hosting reseller plans we allow your Customers to manage all their services through a single control panel as opposed to, your Customers having to login to separate control panels to manage each of their services.


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