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The Best Nigerian Forum? The New Nairaland? LATEST Nigerian Forum 2011

This is direct  note from the owner of Jetheights Ltd, your favourite Job publishing and IT company. We hope you have had a lovely time on our new site so far. We have changed quite a lot of things by taking tips from your comments, emails and polls. On Jet heights we have a number of things we publish

  • Jobs and Vacancies in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, India, UK, America and Some other countries around the world.
  • We have IT news and tips – Internet Marketing, Social Marketing, Social Bookmarking tips
  • We also have work from Home Ideas and How to go about it.
  • We also publish Scholarships in Nigeria, Africa and Abroad

Today we would like to Notify you that Our Forum is moving to a new place, it is bigger, better and would be more fun.

We have taken this step because we feel that the present forum on does not have the room for expansion. The forum will be launched on TUESDAY, 1st of February 2011. Please keep it a date. Tell your friends and let’s build a bigger, better and informative community. Jetheights is for everyone and your opinions and contributions really matter. If you have a question simply go to the related forum and post it and it would be answered by either the moderators or community members like you. One Nigeria, One Africa, One love.

Click below to go to the New Forum and REGISTER.  –





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Why It Is Better To Be A Big Fish Online in Nigeria 2011

Internet marketing does not want to press for everyone who is going to be online but who is still in some hesitations. The same way I do not want to have any pressure for you but I would like to show you whymarketing onlinehas got all these benefits today and why you are not a victim, in case youwork online, you love this world. I think the info in reasonswill helpyou in the best way and you will take it and analyze easier than simple info aboutmarketing online.

Marketing onlineneeds you to be tough and to analyzeown businessevery day. Why to be online? In case you want to be a big fish in a small pond –online marketingis for you. But some people need direction and boss`sadviceto run business. You should decide what you need. Here I have got a surprise for you – you are able towork online, even in collaboration with someone who shares your ideas. So, the first obligation you have got when you areworking online– you must be hardworking in case you are craving for something to achieve.

It is easy to talk about all these aspects inonline marketingbut it is hard to begin with something. Good?Advertising? Approaches? Novices can not see which points to take to start better. If it does not start at all – you do not get any money and you gain no profit – it is a clear sign you should alter something. Just try and you will make sure – some alternationswill helpyour business to take anewface,newstreams. Asmarketing onlinesocial kind of business suchnewapproacheswill helpyou to captivate lots of people –your future clients.

Marketing onlinewill be possible not anewthing for you. But I know how it is hard –to find out something yours online after months of searching for somethingnewand yours. Do not be disappointed and make sure there are some points you still have to pay your attention online. I would like to present you moremarketing onlineadvertisingapproaches and make sure today everyone -from teen to retired man canmake moneyeasily. Just set up your goals and dreams, go forward and note everything you do – every day. Such optionwill helpyou to control which things help you to reach tops online.

Click here if you have got some misunderstandings or gaps about this or that kind ofmarketing online. do not worry about experience you have had or skills you have got. Now it is time to say good bye to your past and say hello to your future business.

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What Approach In Internet Marketing You Should Choose in 2011

In order to succeed in internet marketing , you should make up a plan. There is no successful business without a decent plan. Of course you may think that as only you start working you are likely to get to know what to do the next moment. However, in most situations people cannot get any income and they just end up having no money at all. In order not to waste a good opportunity to getextra incomeand to receivemore money, it is necessary to think carefully over what is needed for the decentjoband what one has to do to overcome the problems, to avoid risk and to make everything run properly. You are the only person who is in charge of everything. That is why, try to run your business properly and to do everything in thebestway ever. No matter what your plans are likely to be, you have to realize that only real enthusiasts have chances to make income and toget real money. As only you act like real professional you have many chances tomake moneyand to overcome the difficulties. There are a lot of variousopportunities. A good businessperson should know whento usethem.

As only you have made up a decent plan, there is a great need to get to know what the tools are. Ininternet marketing it is very important to arrange things properly. No matter what you would like to do without proper arrangement of the ideas and effective use of the tools, there are few chances for success. The most effective tools are the following:
-searchengine optimization techniques
-marketing expertshelp
– social networking
– article and blog writing

There are also many otheropportunitiesto promote your business and if you think that it is thebestidea I would recommend youto usethem. However, you need to make sure that you are a real expert in what you are doing. That is why, no matter what is going on you should be attentive and try to make everything possible in order to overcome the difficulties. The first step you should do is looking for the information. Only people with proper approach have chances tomake money. That is why, you need to gather as much information as possible. There are a lot of variousopportunitiesto promote yourinternet business. The only problem is the fact that few people know about these opportunities.
Searchengine optimization is very important. No matter what your intentions are, you should remember that as only you make your web site visible and vivid people will pay attention to what you are doing. No matter what the facts are, you should try to pay more attention to the details. That is why, improve yoursearchengine techniques and try to perfect them.

Anyonline businessneeds to receivewebsite traffic. Discover how lots of people are receivingweb traffic now – this is part of IM strategy for successful site owners shown on thisweb trafficsite.

P.S. And once you have good targeted traffic – theninternet marketingbecomes easy.

P.P.S. Today we live inthe worldwhere knowledge makes life easier. That is why if you are properly armed with the info in your topic you can rest assured that you will in any case find the solution to any bad situation. So, please make sure to get back to this blog on a regular basis or – an ideal solution for you – sign up to its RSS feed. Thus you will have a direct shortcut to the freshest informational updates here. Blogs can be helpful, you just need to know how to usethem.

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Why SEO Strategies Are Important In Internet Marketing 2011

When you start on line business there are many things which you shoudl take care of. No matter how hard you are trying to promote your business. Without decent SEO strategies you have few chances for the success. It is better to understand that without proper understanding ofinternet marketing techniques you have few chances for the sucess.

Internet gives limitlessopportunitiesfor millions of people. Everyone can try him/herself in business. There are many chances withthe helpof which you are likely to becoem financially independent. In order to increase your chances for success and to make everything possible in order to get more income, you should think of how to promote your business. Deliver information about services you offer to the clients. Within some time they will definitely come to your web site.

There are some aspects which you should know about.

No successful internet marekting is possible without decent SEO strategies. That s why,searchengine optimization isthe firstactivity you shoudl undertake. You are free to decide on your own what it is better to do and how you are likely to overcome the difficulties and to start doing something realy worth attention. Think of originalkey wordswhich woudl correcpond to thesearchentries of the clients. Try to incert thesekey wordsinto your web site text. What is more, URLs and metatext should also containkey words. In such a way you will become visible on the internet. What is more, content is very important as well. You should think of how it is possible to improve the messages you are trying to deliver to the clients. No matter what is going on thinkof what would clients do in order to come to your web site.

In order to be ahead of the others you should be aware of all possibleinternet marketing strategies, thelatestachievements of other people in the field and probableopportunitiesfor the people not only to overcome the difficulties but also to come up with something original,newand interesting to the other people.

y the way, for those peopel who arenewto theinternet marketing or who think that it is too difficult and impossible for them to do alone there are many SEO companies which offer their services. They will perform all the activities instead of you for decent charge. It is very convenient and cheap. It is a good chance to learn a lot from them and to see how everythingworks. You are free to decide on your own what to do and how but be careful and try to take the right decision. Within some time you will definitely get the desired result.

Any web site has the right to getweb traffic. Learn how many site owners are getting traffic fromsearchengines today – this is part ofInternet marketing strategy for successful online entrepreneursshownon thisfree trafficsite.

And once you have goodtargeted traffic– theninternet marketingbecomes easy.

P.P.S. Nowadays we live inthe worldwhere info makes life easier. Due to this if you are properly armed with the information in your topic you can be sure that you will in any case find the solution to any bad situation. So, please make sure to visit thisblogon a regular basis or –bestof all – sign up to its RSS. Thus you will have your hand on the pulse of thelatestinformational updates here. Blogs can be helpful, you just need to understand howto usethem.

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The Nigerian Forum : The Nigerian Information Center

Nigeria community online and Nigerians friends forums and message board site,where to chat with others. Nigeria chat room, Nigeria job forum, Nigeria blog, Naija Forum, Nigeria people, Naija home. This Forum was created to protect people from the dangers of HYIP and other scams.
Nigeria our father’s land in Africa. Discussion on everything from Arts, Films, TV Shows, Movies, Video, Nollywood, celebrities, Jobs, Career, Business and Industry, Computers, Health, Fitness, Internet, IT, News and Media, Recreation, Shopping, People, Society, Sports and Games, Money and Finance.
Information about nigeria and guide, Government offices, Services, Goods, Consumers, Consultants,  Nigeria university, Nigeria Schools,  Nigeria banks,  embassy,  map,  languages, Best, Top, Vacancy, population, Site, Website,  history, Gils, Women, Infact every thing concerning Nigeria Africa. Register and make this forum great. Do You Have A Question ? Post it in the Forum

Foreign Missions in Lagos

1. Algeria
Embassy of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algieria
20 Maitama Sule Street, S.W. Ikoyi,
P.O.Box 55238, Lagos
Tel: (01) 683155,2690448
Fax: 2691810

2 .Angola
Embassy of The Peoples’s Republic of
5, Kasumu Ekemode Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 50437
Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2611139

3. Argentina
Embassy of The Argentina Republic
93, Awolowo Road, S.W. Ikoyi,
P.O.Box 51940, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 682797,683508,

4. Australia
Australian High Commission
2, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2427, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2613124,2618875
Fax: 2618703

5. Austria
Embassy of Austria
(Behind the new Mobil House)
3B, Ligali Ayorinde Avenue,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 1914, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2616081,2616286
Fax: 2617639

6. Belgium
Embassy of Belgium
1A, Murtala Muhammed Drive, Ikoyi.
P.O.Box 149, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2691507-11
Fax: 269144

7. Benin
Embassy of The People’s Republic of
4, Abudu Smith Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 7505, Lagos
Tel: (01) 264411
Fax: 2614395

8. Brazil
Embassy of The Federative Republic of
Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island
P.O.Box 72802, Lagos
Tel: (01)2610135,2610136,2610177

9. Britain
British High Commission
11, Eleke Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2619531, 2619537, 2619541,
Fax: 2666909

10. Bulgaria
Embassy of The Republic of Bulgaria
3, Eleke Crescent
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 4441, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2611931/2
Fax: 2619879

11. Burkina Faso
Embassy of Burkina Fqeo
15, Norman Williams Street, S.W. Ikoyi,
P.O.Box 12605, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 681001
Fax: 681001

12. Cameroun
Embassy of The Republic of Cameroun
5, Elsie Femi Pearse Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2476, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2612226,2614386

13. Chad
Embassy of The Republic of Chad
2, Abudu Smith Street,
Victoria Island,
P.M.B. 70662, Lagos.
Tel: (01)2613116

14. China
Embassy of The People’s Republic of China
Republic of China
Plot 161 A, Idejo Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 70510, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2612586, 2612400, 2612165

15. Cote D’lvoire
Embassy of The Republic of Cote
3, Abudu Smith Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 7786, Lagos.
Tel-(01) 2610936

16. Cuba
Embassy of The Republic of Cuba
Plot 935, Idejo Street, Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 326, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614836
Fax: 2614127,2617036

17. Czech Republic
Embassy of The Czech Republic
2, Alhaji Masha Close, Ikoyi,
P.O.Box 1009, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2690424,683207
Fax: 2693681

18. Denmark
Royal Danish Embassy
4, Eleke Crescent, Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2390, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2610660,2610841
Fax: 2610841

22. Finland

23. France
Embassy of France
1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive,
Ikoyi, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 26934227-30

24. Gabon
Embassy of The Republic of Gabon
8, Norman Williams Street,
P.O.Box 5989, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 684673,684566

25. Gambia
High Commission of The Republic of
162, Awolowo Road, S.W. Ikoyi
P.O.Box 8073, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 682192

26. Germany
Embassy of The Federal Republic of
15, Eleke Crescent,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 728, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 261101, 2611082, 2611170,

27. Hungary
Embassy of The Republic Of Hungary
9, Louis Solomon Close,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 3168, Lagos,
Tel: (01) 2613151, 261602
Fax: 2613717

28. Greece
Embassy of Greece
Plot 1397, 9B, Tiamiyu Savage Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 1199, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2611412, 2614852, 2614852
Fax: 2614852

29. Guinea
Embassy of The Republic of Guinea
8, Abudu Smith Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2826, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2616961

30. Holy See
Apostolic Nunciatun in Nigeria
Embassy of the Holy See
(Apostle Nunciature)
9, Anifowoshe Street,
Victoria Island.
P.O.Box 2470, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614441,2613744,2613410,

31. India
High Commission of India
8A, Eleke Crescent
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2322, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2616604,2615905,
Fax: 613668

32. Indonesia
Embassy of the Republic Of Indonesia
5N. Anifowoshe Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 3478, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614601,2610508
Fax: (234)-(1) 2613301

33. Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
1A B, Alexander Avenue, Ikoyi,
P.O.Box 964, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 685359,680471,
Fax: 2693803

34. Embassy of the Rep. Of Iraq
Plot 708A, Adeola Hopewell Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2859, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2610389
Fax: 2618633

35. Ireland
Embassy of Ireland
34, Kofo Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2421 ,• Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2617567,2615224
Fax: 2615224

36. Isreal
Embassy of Isreal
Plot 636, Adeyemo Alakija Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2622055/56, 26220058, 2620121
Fax: 2621050

37. Jamaica
High Commission of Jamaica
77, Samuel Adedoyin Avenue,
Victoria Island Annex,
P.O.Box 75368, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2611085
Fax: 2612100

38. Japan
Embassy of Japan
Plot 24/25, Apese Street, Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2111, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2613797,2614929,
Fax: 2614035

39. Kenya
High Commission of the Rep. Of Kenya
52, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive,
P.O.Box 6464, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 682768,685531

40. The Democratic People’s Rep. Of Korea
Embassy of the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea
Plot 20C, Akin Ogunlewe Street,
Victoria Island Annex,
P.O.Box 6436,
Maroko, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2610108

41. Republic of Korea
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Plot 934, Idejo Street, Victoria Island,
G.P.O. Box 4668, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2615353,2615420,
Fax: 2612342,2611519

42. Lebanon
Embassy of Lebanon
Plot 18, Eleke Crescent,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 651, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614511

43. Libya
Embassy of The Great Socialist People’s
Libyan Arab Jamahfriya
Arab Jamahiriya
Plot Gil, LigalAyorinde Avenue
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2610107,2610110,2610113
Fax: 2610109

44. Malaysia
High Commission of Malaysia
27, Sanusi Fafunwa Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 3729, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2619415
Fax: 2612714

45. Mauritania
Embassy of the Islamic Rep. Of Mauritania
2A, 304 Road,
Oft Samuel Adedoyin street,
Victoria Island Annex
P.O.Box 53569, Falomo.
Ikoyi, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2618966

46. Morocco
Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco
Plot 1316, 27, Karimu Kotun Street,
P.M.B. 12789, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2611682

47. Namibia
High Commission of the Rep. of Namibia
Plot 1395, Tiamiyu Savage Street,
Victoria island, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2618606

48. Netherlands
Royal Netherlands Embassy
24, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue,
P.M.B. 2426, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2613005, 2613510, 2613653
pay- 3fi17RnE;

49. Syria
Embassy of the Syria Arab Republic
25, Koto Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O. Box 72201, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2615680,2618963

50. Niger
Embassy of The Republic of Niger
15, Adeola Odeku Street,
Victoria Island,
P.M.B. 2736, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2612300
Fax: 2612363

51. Norway
Royal Norwegian Embassy,
3, Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2431, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2618467-8, 2618553, 2618827
Fax: 2618469

52. Pakistan
High Commission for the Islamic
Republic of Pakistan
Plot 859, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2150, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614129
Fax: 2614822

53. Palestine
Embassy of the State of Palestine
12, Festival Road, Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 7891, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2617259
Fax: 2618776

54. Republic of the Philippines
Embassy of the Rep. Of the Philipines
Plot 152, 302 Road, Off 3rd Avenue,
New Victoria Island Annex,
P.O.Box 2948, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614048
Fax: 2614048

55. Poland
Embassy of the Rep. of Poland
10, Idejo Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 410, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2614684, 2614686, 2614687
Fax: 2614685

56. Portugal
Embassy of Portugal
Plot 1677, Olukunie Bakare Close,
Off Sanusi Fafunwa Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 8593, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2619037

57. Romania
Embassy of Romania
Plot 1192D, Olugbodi Close,
Off Bishop Oluwole Street,
Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 72928, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 617806,613297
Fax: 618249

58. Russian Federation
Embassy of the Russian Federation
5, Eleke Crescent, Victoria Island,
P.O.Box 2723, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2612267, 2613359, 2612131
Fax: 2615022

59. Saudi Arabia
The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
182, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
P.O.Box 2836, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2690306,2690349
Fax: 2690101

60. Sweden
Embassy of Sweden
Plot 17, Eleke Crescel,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: (01) 2610240, 2618743, 2611159
Fax: 2617994

61. Switzerland
Embassy of Switzerland
7, Anifowoshe Street,
Victoria Island
P.O.Box 536, Lagos
Tel: (01) 2613918, 2613848, 2610183
Fax: 2616928

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