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12 High Readership Content Ideas

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1. How To Articles: they include detailed step by step
instructions. Examples: how to publish your e-zine,
how to promote your business, how to attract visitors
to your web site.

2. Tips: they are usually small pieces of information
about the size of a paragraph. Examples: tips on using
a product, tips on doing your taxes.

3. Top Lists: they are a group of tips listed in order,
usually numbered from first to last. Examples: top 7
ways to get to the top of search engines, top 10
ways to market your product.

4. News Articles: they can include news about your
industry or company information. Examples: joint
ventures, new product releases, special events,
overseas activity

5. Interview Articles: they could include interviews
from customers, employees and experts. Examples:
interview an employee that won an award, an expert
related to your industry, a satisfied customer, people

6. Publications: they include information that’s bundled
together to take with the person. Examples: ebooks,
reports, software, auto responder information.

7. Business History Articles: they include information
about your business. Examples: years in business,
goals your business has accomplished, community
affairs, financial information.

8. Product Articles: they include information about
your product or services. Examples: new products,
improvements to existing products, new accessories.

9. Visual Content: they include visual helpers that help
explains, shows or supports an example. Examples:
charts, photos, graphics, graphs.

10. Entertaining Content: they include humorous and
off beat information. Examples: contests; quizzes,
trivia, puzzles, games, cartoons.

11. Excerpts: they include information used from other
resources for different purposes, but can also support
your business. Examples: journal articles, transcripts
of seminars, reprints, speeches, press releases.

12. Technology Content: they are new technologies
you can use to present your content. Examples: audio
clips, streaming video, MP3 files.

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Google ranking and video SEO: The future?

Can I become No 1 on google?

There are some that say yes, there are some that say no. Google says no, some promotion companies say yes? The fact of the matter is, if you are lucky enough to have a website on the 1st page of Google then my hats off to you, remarkable work – well done, I am sure you are getting lots of visitors and a fair amount of sales too! So all good news.

But, hold on, step back for a minute; It is all going so well, the money is coming in, Google loves you and so does your credit card processor and then whap, whammy you are gone, out from the 1st page and onto the 10th. Nobody seems to love you anymore, your website has gone into oblivion and that Lego Indiana Jones set you promised your nephew is also out the window because the sales have dried up.

Video SEO

Utilizing video SEO and movie optimization is in fact one of the newest forms of search engine optimization and has become one of the most critical factors in online marketing success. But not many entrepreneurs that publish a website understand this! The problem they must contend with, however, is a desire to remain a little behind the times as far as the development of new and effective SEO strategies go. For example, many have not yet embraced the benefit of video SEO. This is unfortunate because video SEO and movie optimization are quickly becoming the preferred means in which an internet marketer can draw in huge amounts of traffic. And you would not want to be an old stick in the mud would you?

What is it about movie optimization that makes it so popular to those ‘in the know’? The answer is rather simple. People enjoy watching interesting and intriguing video clips online. This opens the door for video SEO to become wildly popular. With more people looking to view video clips online, more and more entrepreneurs will look towards movie optimization as the means in which to boost their traffic and search engine rankings. Yes, there are those that may resist a little. They fall into the comfort zone of doing what they have always done to promote their online ventures. While this is certainly such a person’s choice, it may prove to be a very limiting one. It is certainly much better to look towards a modern and viable method of search engine optimization as opposed to sticking with a traditional one.

The bottom line factor here is that video SEO and movie optimization are the wave of the future. Those looking to take advantage of what such methods offer are well advised to explore the opportunities available.

So to sum up this little story, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t rely on good old Google propping you up forever, and look at everything and anything that can give you a helping hand.

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How to Improve Your Get Paid to Write Articles

You may be unhappy with your get paid to write articles because they aren’t earning the money that you want. After awhile you can start getting discouraged & feeling like you are in rut. You will have a greater chance of success if you write for several different companies & produce a lot of quality content. To do this, you need to really like writing. Here is how to fall in love with writing, even article writing.

  1. Look at the history of writing. Many of the classical writers died penniless. Others wrote fantastic things but never had the means of getting their words out to thousands or millions of people, the way the internet affords us. It is a tough, aggravating, & unpredictable profession but it is better than so many other jobs.
  2. Write what you love. If you are writing for residual income, you may be basing your articles on keywords. If you are writing for a company, they probably give you the title & the topic. Either way, you can feel burnt out. Writing may feel more & more like a job. Keep a diary or personal blog that you don’t monetize in any way. This will keep your words fresh & you’ll be able to voice your opinion without the added pressure of having to pay bills with it.
  3. Before you start writing take a few seconds to close your eyes. Envision what you are about to write in your mind & make it as colorful & as imaginative as possible.
  4. Fall in love with words. You probably wanted to be a writer because you read something you loved. Stop writing long enough to read. Draw inspiration from other article writers. Pick up your favorite book or just play around with the poetry magnets on your fridge. Remember why you wanted to write in the first place.
  5. Learn from your mistakes. Carefully go through your writing & notice what adjectives you use a lot. There are probably a few that you use over & over such as great. Edit out these words to change things up.
  6. Expand your vocabulary. Get a thesaurus out & spice up your writing with new synonyms that make you smile.
  7. Take a break. You are probably working at your own pace & want/need to write as much as possible. Try switching up your work station by taking your laptop to a cafe or working outside.
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20 Great ways of expanding your social network…

Expanding your social circle is one key strategy for career success and advancement. It also presents a valuable opportunity for you to improve the quality of your life and relationships.

1. Have a natural curiosity towards people.

Show genuine concern. Give a helping hand when you can. That way people want to know you.

They are keen about allowing you into their social space.

2. Go out and meet people

I recommend taking up new activities to meet some interesting people. You’ll find that if you keep getting involved in new things, you’ll keep meeting more and more people, and every once in a while, one will “stick” and you’ll have a friend for life. Volunteer, get on a committee, join a gym, a book club, a dance class, some professional group etc. It is important to also note that the kind of people the kind of people you attract would be determined by the kind of places you choose to hang out. Someone rightly put it this way, “if you want to see a ship, then go to the shore”.

3. Be sensitive to the other person

Don’t bore people with tales about yourself or things you want to talk about.  Talk about what other people want to hear. Listen to them. People want an opportunity to express themselves. They want to be heard. Give them that chance and you would be perceived in good light. With that perception people see you as very valuable for their social circle. This automatically means a social expansion for you.

4. What are you bringing to the table?

No one ever wants a liability or a give me, give me kind of person as a friend-It puts people off. Always think of what you can bring into ever relationship. Ask yourself how you can benefit this new contact. Think about how you can help them with their goals. Leave people better than you find them.

5. Make time to see people

I said “make time” because I know most people are short on time. But it is things that you care about that you allocate time for. If you really care about people you have to squeeze out sometime to see them or at the very worst keep in touch my personal [not forwarded emails], phone calls checking out on them or post cards saying they are in your memory.

6. Always stay positive and give people encouragement

Negative people sulk! They promote fear; raise anxiety levels and fuel insecurity. And nobody wants to stay around them. But when you are positive even in the face of adversity, people tend to look up to you and draw inspiration from you. This is a great arsenal…please, please use it. It works!

7. Smile a lot and be friendly

Friendliness begets friendliness. Avoid being rude to people you do not know. Be kind to them. A warm smile is inviting and is a first sign that you are accommodating. Give it generously. It is very inexpensive but works wonders.

8. Be visible

Don’t hide within a group. Speak out and “seek” attention. [Sorry if you don’t like that] but if you are serious about expanding your social circle then you must do what it takes. Else you can just hide behind the curtain.

9. Be open to opportunities

Who says people of different generations can’t build valuable relationships? Narrowing your circle of friends to your particular demographic is like limiting your underutilizing the options available to you. There is always something unique about people outside what would ideally be your comfort. They bring perspective and unique approaches to issues. There is so much to learn about people that are different than us. Harness it.

10. Expand your horizon by exploiting your existing network!

“People you like will know other people you’ll like. So try meeting friends of your friends. When you organise a function ask your friends to come over with their friends. Before long you would realise that your social circle is just exploding. That’s actually what you see playing out on Facebook.

11. Getting out and meeting unfamiliar people.

Don’t walk past people in functions because you do not know them anyway. Extend a handshake, smile and introduce yourself. At first it might feel odd and somewhat strange to you but as if you can repeat this time and time again, there soon comes a time that you would find it less difficult and gain a boost in your confidence.

12. Hold your own-Never intimidate or be intimidated

Don’t be intimidated by people’s status or what they have or own. You must also ensure you are not intimidating. Stay simple and get down from your horse. You never know what stuff the next guy is made of.

13. Pay attention to details

Remember little things about people. Things like their names and birthdays and off course ensure that you do not forget some “petty details” they would have communicated to you in an earlier conversation. It matters a lot especially to ladies! [LOL]

14. Appreciate people sincerely and praise generously

“Flatter” them genuinely. Always be on the look out for something special about people you can commend. Praise generously but rebuke sparingly.

15. Create networking opportunities for others

Organize meetings or functions that create networking opportunities for others. Work out ways of getting together people that have solutions and those that have needs the solutions can meet. You can be the meeting point. And either would always be glad they ever got to know you. This ups your social significance.

16. Do what you can to make friends but don’t overdo it

Never spend all your time trying to lets someone become a part of your social circle. Try but don’t beg! All you need to make people want to know you is raising your social proof. Ignore rejection and move ahead. You must understand that there are plenty of people out there who will want to be your friend. Move to the next opportunity!

17. Act like a leader.

People always want direction. Create it. But never be arrogant or want to tell people what to do. They’ll loathe you. So in trying to act like a leader please and please always remember there is a thin line to walk so you’d better be careful.

18. Be reliable and trustworthy

Being reliable and trustworthy might just be the most important of all of these points. The fastest way to loose social capital is to be unreliable. If you do this people melt away from you faster than wax melts in the presence of fire. Avoid anything that raises questions about your integrity. Shun it like a plague.

19. Talk, talk, talk

Make small talk with everyone you meet, it doesn’t cost much. It might not be serious at first but guess what? You might meet them again and again and you would find that you would begin to relate like you have know each other for ages. I don’t know how it works but I have seen it work over and over again.

20. Stay in touch

Finally, get in the habit of following up with any new potential friends you make. Make sure to remember their names. Mention their names when you speak and when you try to contact them after the first meeting. It shows interest and that you genuinely care about them. Take their contact information and drop of an email within 24 hours saying how good it was meeting them. Try to stay in touch. And you might want to get a list of your old friends now and email them, give them a call, send them a card, a handwritten note or something that tells them, “I have not forgotten you”.

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Re-brand yourself:Your appearance tells a story…

Whoever you are, be it a small business person, a job seeker, student or even a director, your appearance tells a story of who you are. And since your appearance is an on-going narrative of your person it is very critical that you pay close attention to it. A few things you want to do to stay in control of this story would include:

1. Dress well, Dress smart. Wear comfortable clothes. Make sure that what you have on isn’t tight. This could make you uncomfortable and having it all glued to you is plain ridiculous. It sometimes sends a wrong signal especially in the case of ladies. I know you get my drift.

2. Be consistent. No excuses please! Remember your dressing tells a story. It’s YOU communicating albeit NON-VERBALLY. You don’t want to say something today and another on Wednesday [Smart on Monday…and, “oh I forgot to iron my shirt on Wednesday”]. Show some consistency.

3. Maintain a trimmed hair, shave regularly [for guys], and ladies get your hair in some fitting style, shave your leg and those exposed armpits. And please everyone never forget your nails. They look like an untended garden when ignored.

4. Cologne, perfume and an after-shave would be helpful – they should be able to call attention to you in a mild and reasonable way.

5. Have a unique style. Be in a class of your own. Let people know you for a certain style. Choose unique accessories. You might want to get fancy pens and pencils. They are easily noticed and remembered by others. You don’t want to be carrying some mass produced give away company pens that leave no distinctness. But again be careful what they know you for. You don’t want to short-sell yourself.

6. Exhume confidence. If you get the first point about dressing right, this step would be easier. Have you noticed that when you wear something that you aren’t sure of, your confidence seems to erode? On the other hand you need to understand that “your physiology affects your psychology” for example you can’t be sad and have your shoulders high. Looking down is synonymous doesn’t help your self confidence. You are a different person when your shoulder is high and your head is raised.

7. Wear a smile-This is a no brainer. Remember that saying about you being incompletely dressed without a smile?

Make sure that whatever you do…your appearance does not undermine your overall narrative.

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