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Secrets of Online Sales

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Valentine love

sale is the pinnacle activity involved in selling products or services in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity.

Hold a discount sale on your web site. Use the sale to get
rid of excess inventory, gain new or repeat customers, and
increase your sales. Most businesses pick a theme for their
sale, like a Valentine Sale. Below are six unique sales
themes you could use:

Nobody’s Visiting Today Sale

Every online business has low visitor and sales day through
the week. Some businesses are Tuesdays and Thursdays. You
could sell your products or services for cheaper to increase
sales on your slow days. You could have this advertised
right on your web site.

Time Of The Day Sale

Periodically , pick out a time of the day like 5 to 7 pm to
lower your prices. With online sales you need tell people
the time zone. Announce your scheduled times ahead of
time in your e-zine. This will give people enough time to
plan when they will visit your web site.

Product Or Service Of The Day Sale

Each day offer different product or service at a lower price.
This will draw people back to your web site everyday. This
is a high traffic generating sale. If you don’t have a lot of
products and services you may want to run the sale weekly
or monthly.

Niche Group Sale

Hold a sale for a niche groups of people. Students, senior
citizens, single people etc. This really works if your
introducing a new product or service for the first time to a
new target audience. Announce your sale in a targeted
e-zine, e-mail discussion groups, message boards, etc.

Holiday Or Seasonal Sale

Offer lower prices on holidays and during seasonal changes.
These type of sales let your visitors and customers know
your no scrooge. Be creative and go as far as decorating
your web site. You could upload holiday and seasonal
graphics. Change the color of your text to match. Get in the

Get More For Your Money Sale

Give customers more products or services for their money.
People relate these kind of sales to getting a bargain or
saving money. You could o.ffer a one get one for half
off sale, a two get the third one f.ree, two for the price
of one sale, etc.

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Get traffic to your Website: Personal Tips

If you are keen on getting traffic to your website, want your customers to keep coming back or want to get higher on your favourite Search Engine, here are some personal tips or secrets I would personally wish to  share with you. I have used some of these tips in times and recent past and some are being used at the point of publication of this post. It is understandable if you’ve used some of these methods in times past as well and they did not work for you, I would advise that you exercise patience and patiently find the exact combination that fits your website. Here are 8 simple methods, remember that I have not set out to talk about SEO in this post, rather, these are some of the basic ingredients your need to build a stable customer base and get more traffic to your site. Happy reading.

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1.Original Content
Give your visitors content they can’t read anywhere else.
I’m not saying all your content has to be 100% original, but a
portion of your web site should have original information.
People will usually read information they haven’t read before.

Check some of our customers comments.
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2. Prize Drawings
Hold an ongoing prize drawing on your web site. The prizes
should be something of interest or value to your subscribers.
Most people who enter will continually revisit your web site
to get the results.

3. Polls

Hold an interactive poll on your web site. Ask visitors a poll
question. Have them e-mail their vote or opinion. People love
to give their 2 cents worth. They would also like to read the
results the next day or week on your web site.

Check out our poll.

4. Quizes

Give your visitors a quiz or a series of trivia questions. Post
the correct answers weekly on your web site. The people
who participate will want to come back to your site to see
if they were right.

5. News

Supply news stories related to your web site topic. People
want current and up-to-date news. If you can be their first
source, they will become repeat visitors to your web site.

Some posts that inform you.

6. Jokes

Give your visitors a little humor now and then. Don’t be so
serious; tell them a joke. If they associate your web site with
being happy they will visit again and again.

Check out this fun post.

7. Free Stuff

People love to get free stuff. free stuff on your web site.
It could be software, services, sample products, e-books etc.
The freebies should be related to your web site topic. Keep
the freebies coming and your visitors will return regulary.

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8. Directories

Tell your subscribers about Web sites related to your web
site topic. The web sites should be interesting and helpful.
Become your readers web site directory and they will come

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Business Opportunity: Joint Venture

A joint venture is when two or more businesses join together to
work on a project for a set period of time. Doing joint ventures
with other businesses can increase your chances of beating
your competition, increase your sales and increase your profits
quickly Plus:

-you can save money when businesses share operating costs

-you can get referrals from other businesses

-you can save valuable time when businesses share the workload

-you can offer your customers new products and services

-you can gain new business associates

-you can save money by sharing advertising and marketing costs

-you can get free advice and important information from other

You can find businesses to joint venture with online or
offline. I try to find businesses that have the same target
audience, but are not direct competition with my business.
Here are a few ways to find joint ventures online:

-subscribe and participate in e-mail discussion groups, online
forums and newsgroups that deal with your target audience

-subscribe to e-zines that deal with your targeted audience

-note on your Web site or e-zine that you are interested in
doing joint ventures

-search in your favorite web directories and search engines to
find businesses to joint venture with online

Once you find a business simply e-mail them your proposal.
Tell the business owner the benefits of the joint venture.
Explain to him or her why it would be a win/win situation for
both of your businesses. Give them a lot of compliments about
their business, Web site, products and services. Using all three
methods above will greater your chance of constructing a
profitable joint venture. Good Luck!

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Five Steps to Selling Online: This could change your life.

Selling online may not be as simple as you think.  You may have a fantastic product or service but if you don’t understand and monitor the basic metrics to online success, you may be at more risk than you think!

Five Steps to Selling Online

  • Step 1 – Pick a good market and research it very well
  • Step 2 – Determine your site’s basic strategy. What will you offer?
  • Step 3 – Be sure your site is collecting emails from large % of visitors (10%+)
  • Step 4 – Be sure your site is profitably converting visitors to sales (visitor value $1.00+)
  • Step 5 – Once steps 3 & 4 accomplished then and only then pour on as much qualified traffic as you can get at affordable prices

Possible goals of your web site:

  • 1. Collect emails
  • 2. Make sales
  • 3. Make you look good to the media, potential clients & others
  • 4. Attract lots of search engine traffic

To maximize individual results, in long run consider having separate sites.

Simple Math you need to understand:
Opt-in Rate — % of unique visitors who give you their email address
Example: 100 people visit and 15 give email = 15% opt-in rate
Conversion Rate — % of people who buy your initial offering
Example: 100 people visit and 1 buys = 1% conversion rate
Value Per Visitor – What’s it worth to get a qualified visitor to your site?
Example: 100 people visit and 1 buys product on which you make $50.00
That means $50 x .01 = 50 cents value per visitor

Lifetime value of a customer When somebody becomes a customer how much are they ultimately worth to you over the length of the relationship?

100 people buy your $50 profit product. Of those, on average 10 will pay you at least $1,000 for consulting each year for an average of three years each.

Thus if we multiply $1,000 x .10 x 3 years = $300 average consulting revenue
Then add the $50 initial profit and we have a lifetime value of $350

An example of a successful money making web site:

  • You can get 5,000 visitors a month at 50 cents each
  • 20% of the web visitors opt-in to your email list
  • On average each visitor is worth $2 within 30 days
  • That means you spend $2,500/month on advertising, but generate gross profits of $10,000/month, net $7,500/month and your email list is growing at 1,000 names/month.
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Good Businesses You Can Start With £50 to £1,000.

Hi guys, Happy New Month, sorry to bother you with another post on the first of february. *smiles*

Are you looking to start a new business? Then this is the right thing to peruse. I stumbled on this recently  and felt I should share it with you. You might also have a look at another related post.

10 Great Home Business Ideas

Happy reading…

Airbrush Artist
Animal Registration/IDServices
Apartment Preparation Service
Arts Festival Promoter
Athletic Recruiter/Scout
Auction House
Auto Paint Touch-Up Professional
Automotive Loan Broker
Band Manager
Bankruptcy Services
Bar tending Services
Barter Systems
Blade-Sharpening Service
Boardinghouse Operator
Book Indexer
Bounty Hunter
Cake Decorator
Candle Maker
Caning Specialist
Child Care Referral Service
Childbirth Instructor
College Application Consultant
Comedy Writer
Commercial Plant Watering Service
Coupon Distributor
Doll Repair Service
Etiquette Adviser
First Aid/CPR Instructor
Garage Sale Coordinator
Genealogical Service (Family History Writer)
Gerontology Consultant
Handbill Distribution
Handyman Network
Home Schooling Consultant
Horse Trainer
Hospitality Service
Ice Sculpting
In-Home Mail Service
Incorporation Service for Businesses
Jewelry Designer
Knitting/Crocheting Lessons
Lactation Consultant
Laundry/Ironing Service
Law Library Management
Lawn Care Service
Literary Agent
Makeup Artist
Mall Promotion
Merchandise Demonstrator
Mobile Book/Magazine Distributor
Mortgage Loan Broker
Motor Vehicle Transportation
Movie Site Scout
Multilevel Marketing
Mystery Shopper
Notary Public
Nutrition Consultant
Packing/Unpacking Service
Party Planner
Personal Instructor/Fitness Trainer
Personal Menu Service
Personal Shopper
Pet Psychologist
Private Tutor
Professional Organizer
Real Estate Agent/Home Researcher
Reminder Service
Roommate Referral Service
Scanning Service
Silk Flower Arranger
Software reselling
Stress Management Counselor
Taste Tester for Food Companies
Toy Cleaning Service
Vacation Rentals Broker
Wellness Instructor

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