Vacancies in Sabmiller subsidiaries in Nigeria – Over 20 SabMiller Jobs

Truck Driver
A truck driver with at least 5 years of driving heavy vehicles is required.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Procument Manager
A senior management role responsible for Coordinating Procurement of Packaging and Raw Materials, Services and Engineering Spares in order to maximise economies of scale and availability to ensure continuous production.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Planning Manager
A Senior Management role to manage and direct the supply chain planning department, process and systems so that marketing demands are met at lowest cost, service levels are optimized, risk is minimised and a sustainable competitive advantage is achieved.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Stock Controller
To keep records of stock, movement of materials issued, inter-depot and inter-company transfer of finished goods and stock taking.
Location: Rivers – Port Harcourt

Credit Administrator
Manage designated Accounts Reconcile Accounts Monthly Enforcement of Company credit policies and procedures Management of Trade discounts and rebates
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Warehouse Supervisor
To manage warehouse performance and activities in order to surpass delivery challenges and meet internal customer requirements whilst ensuring optimal utilization of company assets
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Manufacturing Development Specialist
To identify, co-ordinate and actively participate in strategic and systemic level Brewery improvement initiatives to achieve the Business Strategy.
Location: Rivers – Port Harcourt

Training Specialist: Packaging
To create and sustain a progressive learning environment by providing an effective service to the value chain focused on the acquisition of competence and performance in Packaging.
Location: Rivers – Port Harcourt

Training Specialist: Brewing
To create and sustain a progressive learning environment by providing an effective service to the value chain focused on the acquisition of competence and performance in Brewing.
Location: Rivers – Port Harcourt

Fleet Supervisor
To manage the fleet in the allocated area in order to provide the Sales Force support and to meet customer expectations.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Sales Analyst
Provide sales analysis and trend data for management decision making.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Promotions Manager
To develop co-ordinate, administrate and implement all trade and consumer promotional activities.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Marketing Services Manager
To provide expert analytical insights and lead the marketing team in developing insights.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Channel Marketing Manager
Join the innovative team of marketers in creating “how to win” channel strategies to deliver on commercial objectives.
Location: Lagos – Ikoyi

Team Leader (Packaging)
An opportunity exists for an experienced Team Leader to join a team of professionals in a World Class environment
Location: Osun

Team Leader (Utilities)
An opportunity exists for an experienced Utilities Engineer to join a team of professionals in a World Class environment
Location: Osun

Machine Specialist
An opportunity exists for an experienced Packaging Maintenance Techinician to join a team of professionals in a World Class environment.
Location: Osun – Ilesa

District Manager
A Senior Sales and Distribution Management role based in Ilesa, Osun state.
Location: Osun – Ilesa

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2 thoughts on “Vacancies in Sabmiller subsidiaries in Nigeria – Over 20 SabMiller Jobs

  1. Obuzoba Emmanuel


    Sometime in March 1957 when I worked as a reporter for ‘’Nest African Pilot’’ I was privileged to attend a seminar put together by top British Administrators and pioneering, Nigerian Politicians at the Lagos Island Club. I lost the verbatim rewarding of that enthralling seminar during the 30- month long civil war but, I can vividly recall the salient points discussed at that gathering of eggheads.
    Governor – General, Sir James Roberson reiterated:
    • Democracy in a nutshell is
    Government of the people,
    by the people, for the people.
    The people emphasis here is always the PEOPLE.
    We are part of the PEOPLE. We are elected by the people to provide their basic needs which are shelter, food and clothing. The people are the kingmakers and unmakes sovereignty honest, prudent and obedient servants of the people. We must mingle with the people to ascertain their problems and retire to our closest to pray for Solomon’s wisdom and the combat dexterity of a David to enable us solve the problems and give the people maximum protection.

    • We must provide jobs for the people because idle minds are devil’s workshops. Illiteracy is a time bomb which can explode anytime, anyhow.
    • We set up parliaments to gather eggheads to rub minds how best to meet the needs of the people who are our masters. Each Member of Parliament must have talent to contribute or share for the overall success of the task on hand. Most parliament trains rely on the servant, leadership doctrinaire enunciated in the biblical books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and their Holy Koran version.

    • The speaker is the chairman of the parliament which makes laws while the prime minister are the president or whatever other name he/she is called execute the laws and both the parliament and the executive are collectively responsible to the people.

    Unfortunately, majority of those who attended that highly educative seminar are now dead but the issues raised are evergreen.
    Before the political disagreement ($ an tempted to say madness or gangsterism) between late Action Group Party Leader, legal luminary Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his rebellious deputy chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola 1965-1966 on the floor of western House of Assembly at Ibadan and the overnight overthrow of Azikiwe’s NeNe who was coasting home with landslide victory at the polls through massive carpet crossing to action Group Arm of the House in protest against a ;;Kobokobo’’ being king in yoruba land and which heralded the advent of tribal polities in Nigeria, politicians practices polities without bitterness and rancor ‘’par excellence’’

    There was no ‘’operation wete’’ which is the twin brother of our current Boko Haramism. After each political campaign which was usually based on worrying issues rather than personalized, the pioneering politicians retired to various 5-star hotels to dine, wine, womanize and carol off tension. Polities were enthralling, entertaining and defeating. There were no permanent friends or permanent enemies but permanent interest which was settles and qualitative service to the people.

    The disagreement between Awo and SLA and the massive carpet crossing to AG Jron. The victorious NCNC which heralded tribal polities into Nigeria of young military chaps to take over power through partial and tribal ‘’coup d’état’’ and ignited a 30 month long civil war that brought about the tyranny and red herring of little men dressed in anything led by Emeka Ojukwu and Yakubu Gowon – the shock and trauma of which we are still struggling to out of wriggle.

    Since the civil war ended in 1970, we have had a succession of military dictativeships that has been on holiday since 1999. The military dictativeships held us on bondage with their permanent interests of looting, plundering, kidnapping, murderer and worse. Erstwhile (retired but untried) military gangsters are now in ‘’babanrigas’’ w ‘’agbadas’’ and their stranglehold on us and our recourses have not abated. They now turning the aggression against themselves, hitting one another unsportsmanlike below the belt.

    Some of them have transmuted into crazy demons intervening between looters and plunderers and demanding their share of the loot or they let loose hell on the populace. Real democrats are depleted and few and far between are running for dear lives.

    We are now in the era of impeachments on selfish, parochial political interests- greed, can’t hypnosis and inductiveness. They now impeach one another based on phantom figures which are said to have been stolen, misapplied, embezzled or misappropriated. They do not bake the cake but eat the cake ravenously. They eat the eggs as well as the hen that produced the eggs. They do not think of tomorrow but only of today.

    This drama is playing out at Adamawa where a group of greedy political prostitutes at the state’s house of assemble were financially induced to rubbish the reputation of a quintessential naval officer who was dragged into the dirty waters of party polities by his impeccable record in other assignments since returning from naval service . ‘’ Baba Mai Mango’’ will floor his opponents (like he did in the past) in anywhere, anyhow in Adamawa.

    He refused to be political prostitute in keeping with his integrity and winnowed principles. He dumped PDP for APC and has stayed put in APC while his former colleagues and persecutors defected back to PDP for a mesh of porridge.

    When the inactive, childish and clueless leadership at Abuja refused to act decisively in the wake of Boko Haramism, he cried and asked the Ijaw-born fowl and asked the unveil his hidden agenda, he was accused of raising an impious hard against the crown of thorns and the Abuja helmsmen asked him to apologize or forget about his seat as governor of Adamawa state. He snubbed them and what followed is now history. Events since the impeachment have revealed sinister motives but, as they say, who laugh last, laugh best.

    Can we still go on with one Nigeria (or remain one Nigeria) before or after 2015 nationwide election or will things fall apart irretrievably and send us scampering to our tents? Is late M.K.O Abiola’s prediction that Nigeria would turn into lawless Bosnia sooner than eater after his injudicious travails and death.

    The best we can do in the overwhelming sufferings nationwide is to pray and watch and await Gog’s intervention hoping that the miracle during Abiola/Abacha terrorism can be encored.

    Prayer is the key and answer to all humankind problems and ours cannot be exception.

    Obuzoba Emmanuel
    Amuwo Odofin G.R.A.

  2. I here by apply for administrative officer in the reputable company.l have degree in industrial and labour relations from olabisi onabanjo university ogun state.thank you ,i will be very grateful,lf my application be grateful for the position.

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